Job Descriptions

Baked Goods

Drop off your baked goods by your actors call time to the concessions area. Our theatre goers especially love your homemade goodies.


Arrive at 5pm (or 11:30am for a matinee). Set up Concessions. Sell before, during intermission and after show. Clean up concessions area. Help house managers cleaning up the hall.

Green Room

Arrive at 5pm (or 11:30am for a matinee). Check in with house manager. Supervise and support actors in Green Room for duration of show. Clean up Green Room and help house managers with cleaning the hall.

Haul Garbage

Please empty out all the garbage and recycling cans inside of Park Hall and take home with you to dispose of.


We need large canopies to shelter actors from the sun, Please bring by 11:30am, if you can stay to set up, that would be great. Please remember to take your canopy home with you.


Looking for large umbrellas with stands. Please bring by 11:30am Please remember to take home at the end of performance.


Immediately after our performance, the stage needs to come down and be hauled away. Bring your truck and tools to help.

Final Park Hall Cleanup

MONDAY the day after set strike is the final Park Hall cleanup. This happens from 10am-12pm.

Trash & Recycling

Check trash & recycling daily for 7 day period during rehearsal weeks. Usually the amount in one week can be added to home disposal.