Volunteer Job Descriptions

Ad Sellers

Covering our community for businesses to advertise in our program.


Fun job with lots of creativity, crafting and late hours. Even if you do not have sewing abilities this could be the job for you.

Movie Night

This is a fun job, most of it is done at the event. It includes popping popcorn for group, picking up candy for sales from Costco, selling tickets and candy on movie night, helping clean Park Hall after movie.

Raffle Planning

Good job for artsy type, everything can be done at home. Make 3 enticing posters plus decorating 3 small raffle boxes.

Hair Crew

Arrive early before each performance, exact time to be announced. You will be done before show time begins.

Make Up Crew

Arrive early before each performance, exact time to be announced. You will be done before show time begins.

Set Build

Transform Park Hall into the magic of Underland. Bring tools and clothes for getting messy. Most set building happens on weekends.


    We need an experienced person. There are three separate photo shoots.

  1. Full cast photo for program
  2. Trading card photos, expected photo shoot date, all day July 18th.
  3. Publicity photos, used in newspapers and front windows at Park Hall

Beach boardwalk in Ben Lomond? You bet!

We are planning a pre-show fun way to feed and entertain both our actors and audience. We don’t need a beach, but we do need you!
Depending on response we anticipate a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 nights.
Entertainer sign up We are looking for jugglers, bubble blowers, stilt walkers, a popcorn machine, we welcome any other ideas that can be created in a small space, moves in front of the crowd, or street performance.
Food Prep sign up You will shop, prepare easy food and deliver meals to Park Hall.
We will help you with menu planning, provide people to serve dinner, warming trays, and cover food cost.

Trading Card Production Assistant

1 or 2 apprentice co-producers who can work with computer layouts. These people would help design and layout the card fronts and backs. You will get trained on the entire process as well, including question creation/collection and printing. The hope is to get someone who can take it over after next year.

Trading Card Sorters

These folks would help in the great randomization and card packaging. This requires very little physical or mental skills. Just an hour or two of mixing cards and placing in envelopes. We typically do 2 runs, one before each week of shows.

Video Feed

1 apprentice who can learn the ropes and run a show or 3 this year. It would be nice to find someone who can take this over after next year, hopefully someone with a nice video camera and a young actor.