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About LPRT



Little People’s Repertory Theatre (a 501c3 non-profit) provides affordable opportunities for theatrical performance to youth ages 3 to 18. Using original scripts and contemporary themes, knowledgeable, trained staff facilitate a developmentally appropriate and positive social environment through mentorship, creative collaboration, skill building and instruction, wherein children, teens and community members work together to create high-quality, original works of art.


For over 40 years, Little People’s Repertory Theatre has provided a unique, low-cost high quality summer musical theatre Main Cast Program for children 8-14. 
LPRT is the most affordable children’s theater program in Santa Cruz County. We perform and rehearse at Park Hall in Ben Lomond.

Since 1988, LPRT has offered children the unique opportunity to do “non-traditional” theater. We present an original rock musical written for a cast of 70 children. We take a traditional fairytale or folktale and rewrite it with a contemporary twist. We parody classic rock and pop songs and performers. Every child sings, dances and has a spoken part.

In addition to serving 8-14 year-olds, LPRT also serves young children and teens through our Jr. Players Program and our Teen Mentorship Program.

Main Cast

Ages 8-14
The Main Cast summer program is an original rock musical production cast with 70 children. The cast-members act, sing and dance, and even help build props and scenery.

Jr Players

Ages 3-7
Jr Players is a creative dramatics program serving approximately 20 to 25 children each summer designed as an age appropriate program to foster an interest in the performing arts for children too young to participate in the summer musical. Youngsters in the Jr Players have an opportunity to open the show with a few musical numbers, giving them an introduction to the stage, costumes, and a real audience.

Teen Mentorship

Ages 15+
Our Teen Mentorship program serves approximately 15 to 25 teens each summer. We offer paid internships to teens and young adults. Teens are trained to work with younger children as rehearsal-assistants, in a camp-counselor style capacity. Our mentors have been directors, lighting designers, choreographers, assistant musical directors and musicians in our pit-band.


All staff members have had extensive experience working in theater, in music, and with youngsters. Child-to-adult ratio is usually about 12 to 1.

Community Support

LPRT productions are truly collaborative. We have a strong supportive community with a large involvement of parents, community members and teen alumni cast members who help out with all aspects of putting on a show, from set construction and costuming, to technical direction and videography. A rock band made up of parents and teen alumni accompany the cast at all performances.

  • Little People’s Repertory Theatre received a Congressional Award of Recognition for Outstanding Contributions to the Community in August 2003 from Congresswoman Anna Eshoo.
  • LPRT is sponsored by The San Lorenzo Valley Youth Council.
  • LPRT has received grants and donations from:
    Santa Cruz County Parks and Open Spaces, The Lillian Simon Foundation, The Carol Anika Memorial Foundation, Los Gatos Morning Rotary, Plantronics, Santa Cruz Medical Foundation, and many generous individuals and families.
Video & Voiceover by Lani Faulkner

Non-Discrimination Policy

Little People’s Repertory Theatre is committed to providing services and making resources available to residents of San Lorenzo Valley and Santa Cruz County without regard to ethnicity, color, creed, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, military status, marital status, political opinion, national origin, familial status, mental and physical disability, or source of income.