Jr Players Program


The Junior Players Program (ages *3-7) is a Creative Dramatics Program for children too young to participate in LPRT’s summer production. The Junior Players program focuses on age appropriate dramatics, movement and musical experiences such as acting out stories, beginning improv, vocal exercises and movement games. Children are also provided with an opportunity to learn two musical numbers with simple choreography to perform at the opening at each performance of the summer show. Children get to practice being on stage, using stage voices, bowing and exiting the theater and most are excited about being ‘in the show’. No child is required to perform. Junior Players are invited to perform their songs at the beginning of each performance. As the Children learn lyrics and choreography for a medley of songs, we will furnish parents with written lyrics and audio files so that they can practice at home!
*If space permits conditional exceptions may be made for younger children


Registration Price: $195


First Session

An informal parent meeting happens during the first jr players session. Once the kids are settled and going, we will meet outside at the tables by the Ben Lomond Market. We will get to know each other and go over any questions. We can be reached with questions at any time via email.

Session Schedule

There are 7 sessions in total and happen mainly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45 to 5:00 p.m. until dress rehearsal.

  • Thursday, June 18 3:45pm-5pm
  • Tuesday, June 23 3:45pm-5pm
  • Thursday, June 25 3:45pm-5pm
  • Tuesday, June 30 3:45pm-5pm
  • Thursday, July 2 3:45pm-5pm
  • Tuesday, July 7 3:45pm-5pm
  • Thursday, July 9 3:45pm-5pm

Session Protocol

Thanks for helping reduce the noise level and chaos inside Park Hall by leaving (particularly if you have younger siblings) if possible, once your little actor is comfortable and then returning for the last 5-10 minutes.


Here’s how it works:

  • There will be an online sign-up sheet in the Backstage area of the website to sign your child up for any performance(s). 
  • Drop off time will be 45 minutes prior to show starting. Walk your child into Park Hall- there will be a junior player RA on the lookout for you!
  • Parents without tickets cannot stand in the back to watch the junior players perform as this is a fire safety issue and the local fire dept. is strict on regulations- sorry! There is a live feed monitor in the concessions area and you are welcome to hang out there and watch.
  • After the Jr Players have finished performing, those who have a ticket to watch the show will have a seat ready for them in the children’s seating area upfront (unless you want them to sit with you). We have a Jr Player RA sit in the children’s seating area during the performance to support the kids with any needs.
  • If your actor is not staying to see the show, a Jr Player RA will escort him/her outside and release them to you.

Additional Information


Junior Player costumes are the responsibility of the parents. The actors can choose any costume they like.

Cast Recording

July 8th. We record a Cast Recording of all of the songs in our production and Junior Players are invited to come and record their songs. It will take about a half an hour.