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Main Cast Program


The 2024 summer production will be an original rock musical written by Janinne Chadwick and performed July 17-28 (rehearsals and program begin June 10). We cast 70 children ages 8 through 14 (jr. high age, no high schoolers). See Admissions Policy & Refund Policy. The cast-members act, sing, dance, and even help build props and scenery (when time allows).

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Registration Price: $585

Please read our refund policy carefully!

What’s Included in Registration

Costume fees (excluding shoes)
Show T-shirt
Cast Recording
Production Video
Cast Party
Video Premiere Party

A limited number of work scholarships are available for those with financial need. Additionally, a limited number of reduced tuition scholarships will be available to low-income families who participate in the SLV school district’s Free Lunch Program. Please contact us if your family needs payment arrangements or requires any scholarship assistance before registering your child.


Children are cast by musical ability (pitch, range, and harmony), improv and acting skills, dancing skills, and attendance. We also sometimes consider the “look” needed for a certain character, as well as the on-stage chemistry between characters. Group requests are honored whenever possible. All children get a chance to shine! Every actor has a minimum of 2 lines.


All staff members have had extensive experience working in theater, in music, and with youngsters. Child-to-adult ratio is usually about 12 to 1. Staff bios can be found here.

Main Cast FAQ

Is LPRT a summer program?
Our program runs only during the summer, typically starting in early June and ending in late July or early August.
Do children attend every day?
Attendance during rehearsal days is largely structured like a real theatrical production (which it is!), meaning that casting determines the days and times each child is present at rehearsal. Children are called 3-5 days each week of rehearsals, which may be for 2½ to 5½ hours a day. Rehearsal schedules can vary greatly depending on the role the child is cast in. During performances attendance is mandatory, unless there is illness causing fever or vomiting, or injury preventing participation (the show must go on!).
What are the expectations for parents (or caregivers)?
LPRT is a community-dependant program that relies heavily on participation from families to make everything happen. When someone signs up a child to be in the program, they are also signing themselves up to commit to a certain level of involvement. Parents and family members are responsible for hair and makeup jobs, costuming, concessions, helping to supervise children during performances, building, painting and striking sets, selling ads, and much more. There are sign-up sheets during registration where parents and caregivers can choose jobs that suit them best.