Snowdo White and The Fellowship of the Mirror – 2023 Cast Recording (Download)


The complete 26 song cast recording of the 2023 production of Snowdo White and The Fellowship of the Mirror. Audio is in MP3 format and available for download immediately after purchase



  1. Help From Our Friends
  2. Smells Like Junior Players
  3. Never Gonna Give You Up
  4. Little Pig Houses
  5. As It Was
  6. (Hey There) Little Red Riding Hood
  7. Dream On
  8. Gosh Darn The Queen
  9. Isengard State Of Mind
  10. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
  11. Takin Care Of Business
  12. Puttin’ On The Spritz
  13. There Go Our Friends
  14. Problem
  15. Leader Of The Pack
  16. Bad Giant Scary Mon
  17. Dancing In The Dark
  18. This Hobbits A Climber
  19. Fallin’
  20. It’s A Small World
  21. You Belong With Me
  22. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  23. True Colors
  24. Snow White Has Been Sedated
  25. True Colors (Reprise)
  26. Man In The Mirror