Peter Pamilton (2017)

Written by Janinne Chadwick
Directed by Daria E. Troxell
Performed at Park Hall

Peter Pamilton is a scrappy orphan, raised in Neverland by fairies. Peter has been spending time away from Neverland, visiting the nursery window of the Darling home where three enlightened sisters tell stories about freedom and equality. He recruits Angelica, Eliza and Wendy to fly to Neverland and help fight the tyrannous Captain Hook, who has declared himself the King! Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Neverland, mermaids and pixies, welcome the Lost Kids to Neverland. The Lost Kids are recognizable characters from children’s literature who have come to Neverland, like Peter Pamilton, for a better life. They are now preparing to fight under the leadership of General Crockington for the soul of their new nation!