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Survivor: Surf City, A Mermaid Odyssey (2022)

Written by Janinne Chadwick
Directed by Daria E Troxell
Performed at Park Hall

Young San Lorenzo Valley podcaster, Ashley Powers’ internet episode centers on the supernatural. She has been hearing increasing stories of strange sightings at Cowell’s Beach. Meanwhile under the sea, ancient Merfolk and sea creatures prepare to visit the surface as they do every Olympiad for their Survival Games. King Poseidon names the Challenges and describes the rules of the games at the fifteenth birthday party of his youngest mermaid daughter. Unfortunately, the youngest mermaid and her BFF, a sea monster break the rules before the games begin by rescuing a shark-taunted surfer! What will Medusa do? Will the powerful Harpies help the little mermaid and her friend, or will this only make things worse?