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Parent Shifts

Parent Shifts

Family participation is a must to make LPRT happen! Please sign up for 5 shifts.

Special Position

Concession Coordinator
We are looking for a family or two who anticipate spending the next several summers with LPRT and who would like to continue in this position for the duration of sessions.
This job can be shared between 2 families, this summer our current coordinator will show you the ropes.
Overview: Shop Costco with a master list for concessions (funds provided or refunded from LPRT), Help organize some additional dinners (food trucks, pizza night, etc) & ice cream sundae Sunday. At least one family arrives at 5pm or 1pm for matinee, help set up concessions, oversee crew, sell before, during intermission and after show. Clean up concessions area. This is a fun and busy time at Park Hall plus you get to see the show through the live feed!
If you are interested please contact Janmarie at

All spots have already been filled.

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